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We're Live...Plus, New Slimes Today!

Hi Everyone!

It’s a really exciting week here because the Pearl Jellyfish Slime Store is LIVE!  All of my slimes are in 4 ounce jars and are $8 each. You can order up to 4 jars and shipping is only $8 for all of them! 

I’ve had so much fun designing each slime. I think Cherry Crunchies is my favorite -- it’s a sweet, cherry-scented slushie slime with a super fluffy whipped cream slime topping. I also really like a new kind of slime I created called “sugar butter”. Mint Chip Sugar Butter is so much fun to play with. It’s smooth like a butter slime but crunchy like a sugar scrub slime, too. Plus, it smells minty and has java chips to squish. Cherry Toothpaste is a super smooth butter slime and smells like cherry and mint. I really wish cherry toothpaste were a real thing, since this smells so amazing. And then Pearl Unicorn Sprinkles has such a cool texture -- it’s a clear, glitter slime with a special ingredient that makes it feel almost like a putty, but it still spreads out well. 

Today I added five new slimes to the store: Dragonfruit Disco, Mochamallow Cocoa, Neapolitan Neon, Pearl Jellyfish Fluff, and Watermelon Water. I’ll be starting a special new series of slimes soon that I’m really excited about. I think they’ll be beautiful and feel great! 

They’ll be appearing in the store soon, and I’ll post updates on Instagram and YouTube. Thanks for visiting!

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