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More Fabulous New Slime -- Including Color Changing Slime!

Hi everyone!  Guess what? I've been busy making more slime for the shop. The best new one uses thermochromic pigment - that's the pigment that changes color when its temperature changes. Frosted Raspberry is a beautiful pink, raspberry-scented butter slime that turns white when it's warmed up.  Also, I'm starting my new line of slimes that feature each month's birthstone. Available now is Peridot Paradise which is, of course, for August. There'll be a new one for each month until we've gotten through the whole year. Thanks for visiting Pearl Jellyfish!

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We're Live...Plus, New Slimes Today!

Hi Everyone! It’s a really exciting week here because the Pearl Jellyfish Slime Store is LIVE!  All of my slimes are in 4 ounce jars and are $8 each. You can order up to 4 jars and shipping is only $8 for all of them!  I’ve had so much fun designing each slime. I think Cherry Crunchies is my favorite -- it’s a sweet, cherry-scented slushie slime with a super fluffy whipped cream slime topping. I also really like a new kind of slime I created called “sugar butter”. Mint Chip Sugar Butter is so much fun to play with. It’s smooth like a butter slime but crunchy like a sugar scrub slime, too. Plus, it smells minty and has...

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